Ultimate guide to one month in Laos for the independent traveller

To answer the many questions that I receive about my one month in Laos, I have put together this free guide for you.

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Whilst you may not have the luxury of spending one month in Laos, this guide tells you which places are great and perhaps more useful, which places that you could miss. It also gives information about etiquette and customs and so much more.

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And to answer all of the other questions that I am often asked:…

Get your Guide:

Order your Lonely Planet guidebook via this link


Get your Room:

When I am in Asia I compare hostels at both Hostelz.com and Agoda.  Click on the links and see                  which one is best for you depending on which town you are planning to visit.

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Get your Insurance:

Always, always, ALWAYS buy travel insurance before your trip.

Get your quote from Alpha Travel Insurance at this link


Get your Flight:

Compare flights with Skyscanner.  Better than any game on my mobile, I can while away hours searching this site: Click here and have fun!


Go with Others:

And if you are not brave enough to travel by yourself or you have limited time, check out the trips that Explore can offer you.  I have travelled solo with Explore on four separate occasions and I thoroughly recommend them: check out their trips here


Get your backpack:

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So once again, enter your details below to get your ultimate guide to one month in Laos.  This will also give you access to other stuff from Scarlet Jones Travels that I think might interest you (and of course you are free to unsubscribe at any time)

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Ultimate travel guide for one month in Laos

Ultimate travel guide for one month in Laos






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