I have been nomadic for six years now.  During that time the focus of my work has switched from travel blogging and writing to online coaching however both are inexplicably linked for me.  Travel helped me to ‘find myself’ following an extreme sadness in my life and it helped me to rebuild my self-belief.

My passion to help others in my role of online life coach has grown but travel and writing about travel feeds my soul.  This is why I make no excuses for combining the two activities in this one website.  It may be unorthodox but this site serves a dual purpose; whether you want information about destinations and cultures or help and support with bringing your life back into balance again.

I even combine travel with coaching and several clients have joined me on a trip – either because they are nervous about solo travel and want to experience backpacking or because they want some intensive coaching – like a retreat but with additional experiences thrown in.

This section contains a collection of personal stories which will entertain you or which might even encourage you to pick up your backpack and travel plus itineraries for places that you might visit yourself one day.

I can talk for hours about the highs and lows of backpacking and why you should stay in a hostel.  Browse around this site to find out more about specific accommodation, my experiences, travel suggestions or travel gear that you should pack.

There are many reports in the media which contain dire warnings about the dangers and the hazards which are lurking out there for every traveller, but if you insert the word ‘unwary’ into that sentence, then things immediately become less scary. The dangers are greater for every unwary traveller – but with a little bit of common sense and some advance planning you can set out with confidence.

I spent a year in South America where my intention was to ‘tick off’ the majority of countries on the continent, however I hadn’t expected to get stuck in Colombia for six months. I now have very few expectations when I travel. I take each week as it comes. I begin with a loose route and itinerary but I am open to change. I like the variety and the uncertainty which comes with sleeping in a mixed dormitory or sharing a cab with a group of travellers to a local beauty spot that only the local people know about.

Since I first read Paddington Bear as a small child I had a yearning to see ‘..deepest, darkest Peru’ for myself. And I made it there. I saw Machu Picchu as the sun rose above the mountains and I trekked and canoed into the Amazon (from Ecuador). I loved the frozen wild beauty of the Baltic States at the tail-end of the winter and I adored the vibrancy and timeless charm of the Catalan villages.

But you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world. You can explore the parts of your home town that you have never bothered to visit before, or go and check out that new museum or art gallery. I have spent lovely days exploring new parts of the UK and reacquainting myself with my childhood haunts. And I try to bring these places alive for you, painting a picture in my articles and telling you the stories about the people that I meet.

In my opinion, the best way to learn about a place is to immerse yourself in it, wandering the streets slowly, sitting with a coffee and watching the inhabitants go about their day to day business.  Take a local bus and shop at the street markets. Observe without judgement and enjoy the difference and diversity.

An open minded attitude can make the world seem so much bigger….which in turn can put your problems into perspective and make them easier to cope with.

And if things go wrong? Well, now you are having an adventure!

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Travel heals.


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