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Travel with a Twist

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Scarlet Jones Travels can now organise a tailor made holiday itinerary for you.

What makes this concept different to the other holidays out there is that you will be accompanied for the duration of your trip on a one to one basis with an experienced traveller,and because we know that everybody likes to travel in a different way, I have several options for you.

  1.   From between four and seven days you will travel with me (Jane) or one of my carefully chosen guides.and explore a region.  In the first instance this will be Catalunya.  You will immerse yourself in the local culture with plenty of opportunities to try your hand at new activities.  You will design your holiday; choosing from a menu of activities and accommodation types depending on the season and the region – and then you can relax and leave all of the planning and booking to me.

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  1.   Alternatively, you might like to travel further afield and experience a backpacking adventure.  These backpacking trips will usually be for two weeks or more, and again you will be fully accompanied.  I will show you the ropes and introduce you to the joys of staying in hostels and eating street food which will give you the confidence to go it alone and continue on your own adventure.

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     3.   You simply sign up to an off-the-peg pre-designed package.  Whilst the itinerary is already planned out for you, you can rest                       assured that that you will get a fantastic feel for a region and you will experience local life at its best.   This first holiday on offer is               a 5 night holiday in Catalunya, Spain.

I am often asked if I would take other people along with me on my trips, and that is how the idea of Something Slightly Different came about.

I LOVE travelling alone but it was difficult in the beginning because I was so nervous.  I know that there are many people out there who don’t want to go away with a group of strangers on an organised tour or who are anxious about backpacking solo.

Planning a holiday alone can be quite daunting and it is nice to have somebody with whom you can share the responsibilities and the fun, but if your friends are unable to go along with you what are the options?

Travel with me

There are countless reasons why people won’t travel or take a holiday or a vacation but don’t let the fear of travel stop you from discovering new places.

With all of these potential problems in mind I have designed two types of holiday experiences with prices for the guiding beginning at £350.

Something Slightly Different gives you the opportunity to explore a region with a personal guide.  Travel with me and I am sure that by the time we come to say goodbye at the end of your trip you will be bolder and more inclined to travel again, perhaps even solo the next time.

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