Travel Tippets

Whilst I shall still endeavor to update my main posts every Tuesday, my site needs to evolve.  My main posts will cover my travels and personal thoughts as before, but I will post shorter, additional entries in more immediate response to the situation on the ground.  These will include hostel and attraction reviews, location information and short, snappy entries which I think may be of interest to you.

Please feel free to comment once I get myself organised and let me know if you like the more frequent posts, beginning with this one.

The Cloud Forest


The view at La Casita del Arte y del Te, Mindo

I have been in The Cloud Forest for three hours and I seen humming birds and parrots, been chased by two horrid dogs and I have had the most amazing vegan chocolate and coffee cake.  I have had four señoras at the next table advise me to change my lunch order before I got a fish the size of something which would put Jaws to shame and I had a leering man in welly boots grab and shake his scrotum at me whilst he was weeding his banana plants!   Who said Mindo was quiet?


Not a humming bird but it’s still pretty


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