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To coincide with the launch of my long-awaited online course I have re-designed my website Scarlet Jones Travels.

I have been working in Chiang Mai – a large town in the north of Thailand – which is home to probably the largest gathering of digital nomads other than in Medellin on the planet.

Chiang Mai is an intriguing mix of the old and the new, a smorgasbord of street food and it has one of the best markets that I have seen on my travels so far (it even beats the one in Otovalo and that is saying something).

As well as working on content for the course I have some great articles in the pipeline too.

You can learn more about some of the great things to do in Bangkok, my stay in a 34 bed dormitory and about some of the other travel bloggers that I met at the TBEX conference.

Scarlet Jones Travels

a rather creepy exhibit at the toy museum in Ayuthaya

You can learn about my trip to Kanchanaburi where I stayed on a river raft and where I walked over the bridge that crosses over what was once not the River Kwai but it is now.  You can learn about Hellfire Pass and the cruelty of man against other men and read about the waterfalls at Erewan and the fish that do their best to eat you slim.

I went to the city of Ayutthaya with its packs of (probably) rabid, feral street dogs and I cycled the ruins and the paddy fields of Sukhothai.  I expected one bus journey to take just 2 hours not the 6 that it was scheduled for (I DO know how to read a timetable) and I went three up on a mototaxi (motorbike) during the rush hour without a helmet and I survived.

Scarlet Jones Travels

Gridlock Bangkok

All of these little gems will be with you shortly – and hopefully will be enough to entice you to sign up to my newsletters if you don’t already receive them

In the future I will post many more stories of inspiration and I will also be including contributions from other travellers, bloggers and writers, so you don’t have to just listen to me rambling on.  I am going to mix it up a bit.

So don’t go too far away because service will be resumed very shortly – just in time for Christmas.

Next week I am crossing the border into Laos.  I could fly but despite being afraid of water I have opted for the slow boat down the Mekong. It will certainly be a challenge as it is two days in something not much bigger than a motorised canoe on the muddy brown river, stopping overnight at a town midway.

See you on the other side.


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