Hotels offer a different experience to hostels, but like hostels they come in all shapes sizes and price ranges. There are the large international chains and the small, friendly, family run establishments. They will have a dining room and rooms are generally en suite.

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Even if you are travelling on a budget don’t dismiss hotels as often they have competitive rates, especially if you are sharing a room with a friend. They can offer an oasis of calm if you fall ill on your travels and you simply can’t face sharing a bathroom with other guests or if you need to rest uninterrupted in bed all day.

Whilst you obviously don’t have to interact with other travellers in hostels if you don’t want to, the pressure comes right off you in a hotel. You can dine alone, sit in the lounge with your computer or book or retire to your bedroom (usually containing a television) and lock the world out.
You can find information of some of the hotels that I have stayed in during my travels by clicking on the links below.


Latacunga – Hotel Endamo

Hostal Fevilamir

Ibarra – Latacunga – Villa de Tacvnga

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