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Lace hankies and floodwater – finding myself in India

I want to remind you that despite how people might appear on the outside we never know the whole story about what’s going on in someone’s mind. It’s also good to be reminded that happiness (and loneliness) doesn’t only depend on external factors or material things and...

6 countries where recent events shouldn’t put you off

Around the world, tragic events occur. As a result, international visitors are often put off visiting those countries – but, a lot of the time, this hesitation is unfounded and it is in fact safe to travel. So, rather than shy away from such places, I want to set the...

When is the best time to visit Cuba?

Without getting into the politics of Cuba or the rights and wrongs of the Castro regime, there are some very good reasons why NOW is the best time to visit Cuba.  Following the recent relaxation of the US embargo on Cuba, things are likely to change swiftly and part...

My next big adventure

Two and a half years ago I quit my job and I went exploring. I thought that I may be gone for no more than a year before I satisfied my wanderlust and I settled back down again. Europe 2013 How wrong was I!  I really threw myself in at the deep end that first summer...

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