Personal Stories

I have been on one hell of a personal journey over the last few years.

Life was an emotional rollercoaster and back in 2013 it made perfect sense to me to quit my job and escape to Peru.

In the beginning everything was confusing despite being sheltered within the umbrella of an NGO where I was volunteering. I didn’t speak the language nor understand the customs. I thought that I would never get to grips with the local bus system or be brave enough to set out on my own across South America a I initially imagined that I would.

It’s no word of a lie – I was TERRIFIED – but there is something about the travelling community that encourages strangers to connect, share and open up with each other. I guess we all recognise that we are adrift in a strange place and a long way away from family and friends. People meet you and get to know you for who you are, without the influences of gossip or knowing about your past.

Problems are shared, dissected and solved and it was my nomadic travel tribe who persuaded me that my strengths lie in mentoring and supporting others until eventually Jane Clements Life Coach emerged from the ashes of anxiety and fear.

I have met some incredibly generous people along the way.  People who have been generous with their time, possessions and love; and these are the people who inspire me to continue with my journey and to mentor and support others who need help.

In this section you will find some of my more personal stories plus the stories of others who are inspirational in their own way.

Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or if any of the issues resonate with you.

Stepping it Up

Whoop whoop!  I am about to begin the next stage of my adventure. In less that a week I shall be jetting off to Peru.  The plan (Plan A of probably several) is to spend three nights exploring the capital Lima before heading up the coast to the second/third largest...

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Life has been crazy this last week since I gave up work, but just as I was in danger of my massive grin causing a new batch of facial creases I have had raging toothache. I have been packing up the contents of my flat, selling clothes and visiting friends.  Despite...

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Up and running

It's here.  The adventure begins today. After thirty four years of work I have handed in my resignation and I  will walk out of employment.  Or out of what most people would call conventional employment. Have you ever had a dream or a burning desire to see or do...

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Several weeks of crazy

I have been planning my adventure for some time now, but I had completely underestimated the chaos and madness that is my life at the moment. No matter how far ahead I that date was circled in my calendar, there are many things that could not be done until now.  Yes,...

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No more waiting

Deep breath......... here is the news that you have been waiting for.  The decision is made, wheels have finally been set in motion and I am now in a position to go public. I have handed in my resignation and I have given notice to my landlady on my flat. I have begun...

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A Line in the Sand

If you care about something you have to protect it.  If you're lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it - A Prayer for Owen Meany: John Irving In my last post I explained how I was at a crossroads but added that I had come...

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The Crossroads

In January I went to the Telegraph Travel Adventure Show in London.  I had hoped that I might get some useful travel tips and ideas but I got so much more.  I came away buzzing with excitement at the possibilities which could be open to me.  There were people there...

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A valuable lesson

I learnt a valuable lesson last night. After spending  an hour or so in a bar with a friend, I was waiting for my bus home when it dawned on me that my mobile was not in my bag.  Cold panic set in and I ran back to the office to check I hadn't left it on my desk, then...

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Off we go

I can sit and talk about my future plans all I like, but unless I actually take the plunge, nothing is going to get done. So; I have submitted an article for a travel writing competition in a national newspaper, I have enrolled on a website through which I may find...

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