As you read this I will hopefully be somewhere in the Andes on a little adventure with some of my friends from the NGO.

I can’t believe how quickly the last three months have gone working with the NGO.  Peru has got under my skin and whilst it would be so nice to stay here for a bit longer that would be the easy option and I have to leave soon.

My next port of call is Ecuador but not before the raucous madness of Carnival, Peruvian style.  Provided the expected route across the mountains goes smoothly you can look forward to finding out what this entails,  but I have heard that water and paint feature strongly.  I have my oldest, most hated pair of trousers with me for that day and the tee-shirt which has been in the swimming pool with me each week during Club Vacacional.

It was extremely hard to say goodbye to the children at the NGO who are all amazing but together with my co-teacher (Danish L) I had the most fantastic final day at the beach with the kids.

Future little gems for you to look forward to reading about will  include a full report on working for the NGO, the time I spoke French during a ceremony with the Peruvian Scouts, and of course my adventures during the next week.

There has been a small mix up concerning my onward travel plans, but all being well, in two weeks time I shall be writing to you from the beach in Ecuador.




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