It’s here.  The adventure begins today.

After thirty four years of work I have handed in my resignation and I  will walk out of employment.  Or out of what most people would call conventional employment.

Have you ever had a dream or a burning desire to see or do something?  Something that eats away at you and finds its way onto every list that you have written or is filed away on the back-burner for that day in the future when you finally get the time, money or skills to be able to achieve it?

For me, that day has arrived.  No more waiting until retirement age when I may not be able to physically do what I hope to do.  No more saving money or learning another Spanish verb.  Ahead of me lies the open road.  Freedom beckons, for a little while anyway, and the only constraints to my new lifestyle are the limits that I impose on myself.

I have a plan, a very loose plan but a plan nevertheless.  The majority of it can be altered on the fly, so that last minute opportunities can be grabbed as they crop up but I am extremely excited.  I am also nervous and a tad apprehensive as I catapult myself out of my comfort zone, but as I talk to people who have already done what I plan to do, and seeing their faces light up as they talk about their travels and adventures, simply reinforces that I have to give it a go.

Apertivo Spritzer in Milan

I will miss friends and family but I have skype, the internet and a phone.  Watch this space!


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