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I am Jane Clements and I am the founder of Scarlet Jones Travels.  I have travelled extensively in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia and I have dipped my toe into India and the Caribbean

  • I contribute to a travel resources website and I am a staff reviewer for a hostel booking site.
  • I have designed a course which will boost self confidence and entice you out of your comfort zone
  • I am working in partnership with Nomad Travel
  • Writing is my passion and I can write for different audiences and in different styles and voices.
  • I recently graduated from the Open University with a BA degree in Sociology and Geography which has enabled me to take my ‘people watching’ and reporting to a new level.  For me, the best part of travel is getting to know the people and learning about their different cultures and customs
  • I am also in the process of building a new website which will provide information and support for survivors of domestic abuse.

About Scarlet Jones Travels

Following a series of life changing events, Scarlet Jones  (a pseudonym) turned her back on her nine to five job, terminated the lease on her apartment and set off on an adventure.

Not knowing if she would be gone for two months or two years Scarlet b a began to write a blog. For the first year Scarlet travelled in Latin America, staying mainly in backpackers hostels and working for various volunteer projects.
Scarlet Jones is not your average younger backpacker: she is slightly more mature in years, but she hasn’t allowed this to stop her in any way.

Generally she travels solo, taking the time to immerse herself in the local culture and getting to know people at the grassroots of a community whilst learning to speak Spanish, teaching English and writing and designing an on-line course

The Website

A steadily increasing audience across social media sites and positive comments and feedback from readers encouraged Scarlet Jones to expand and to form a more comprehensive website. The aim of this site is to prove that anybody can travel; age, background or gender are no barrier. The only limitations are those which we impose upon ourselves.

The website is bigger and better and now includes a more comprehensive personal stories section. Secific city, region and country information is continuously being rolled out – all in the imitable Scarlet Jones style.

Not one to lecture, Scarlet informs in a friendly, relaxed and entertaining format.

Audience Metrics


Monthly Page Views*:          2156

Feed Subscribers:                  390+

Social Media Stats:

Twitter Followers:        6925

Facebook Fans:             1400

Pinterest Followers:     376

Instagram Followers:   1217

∗Figures have been growing steadily and substantially in recent months

Writing For Others

I write guest posts and articles for travel bloggers and websites – do drop me an email if you are interested in collaborating with me

I have had a couple of articles published on a top travel website which promotes Spain – Does Travel make you nervous? and Benifallet, Spain Travel Guide.

I had a small descriptive piece of writing included within this article ‘Finland through Foreigner’s Eyes’ in September 2016

I wrote an article for Tomislav Perko, hitchhiker, author and traveller extraordinaire – Never too late to travel

I have contributed articles to Girl About the GlobeNew writers on boardTravelling solo in your 50sTeaching English Abroad and Surviving Hostel Bunk Beds

I am a staff reviewer for the website – you can find a sample of one of my reviews at this link – – Minka Hostel, Quito 

I have been featured in a newsletter published by Michael and Graciela – Uniquely Colombia and I was included in this great blog post at Teacake Travels – Journeys from Heaven and Hell

I volunteered for three months in Peru where I submitted an article for the monthly newsletter – Supporting Kids in Peru


I am pleased to announce that I am now working in partnership with Nomad Travel.

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Please contact me at if you would like to discuss sponsorship or a partnership with your brand or company

Future Projects

Coming very shortly is my digital mentoring programme which is aimed at boosting self confidence with a series of challenges via the medium of travel.  

The e-course will provide a series of activities and challenges that will take subscribers outside of their comfort zone over the course of ten months


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