Live life to the fullest. It’s time to sparkle.

Are you living life to the fullest?  Are you REALLY living life?

If not, why not?  What’s stopping you from enjoying each and every day?

Do you leap out of bed every morning excited and ready to get on with your life?

I do – well, I don’t exactly leap out every single day – it’s harder in the cold weather or if it’s dark outside but every day after I open my eyes I follow a short routine.

It goes something like this.


My early morning routine


First things first as I move to consciousness, I try to ‘catch’ my dream.

Dreams can reveal an awful lot about what’s going on behind the scenes in your unconscious mind and I try to analyse them if I can catch them before they dissolve with the daylight.

Secondly, before I even open my eyes I make sure that I know exactly where I am sleeping and whether I am alone.  Stop those dirty thoughts right now – I spend a lot of my time travelling and I need to be sure if I am in a top bunk or there are nine guys in my dormitory before I switch on the light.

You try hurtling out of bed for the bathroom and not remembering which side of the bed the wall is, or worse, if some poor guy below is going to open his eyes to my bare legs dangling for the ladder!

Thirdly, I stretch and I meditate on the day ahead.  I set my intentions for the day – mentally checking off the things that I must do and thinking about the things that I would like to do.

Provided I have wifi I check my phone for any messages that may have come in overnight and I try to spend ten minutes each on Instagram and Pinterest.  I love Instagram for the visual stimulation that it provides and Pinterest for the interesting articles that are out there.  I have a keen audience of followers and plenty of accounts that I really do try to keep up with – if you want to see my pictures feel free to click on the links.

Finally I get out of bed.


Find out more


Getting on with the day.


Depending on where I am I’ll try to do some yoga, meditate or I’ll go for a run and then I’m into my day.

A few years ago I decided that it wasn’t enough to simply exist – I wanted to REALLY live life and I intended to enjoy every single minute of every single day.  OK – there are some things that I have to do that aren’t so great but I work around those necessary evils and I try to see the positive even in the worst chores.

My work gives me the opportunity to hear many inspiring stories from others and I’m always thrilled when I learn how other people challenge their boundaries and how they also push against the things that are holding them back.

I try to spend as much as my day as possible on the fun things.  Yes, I have deadlines for articles and when I’m on a work exchange placement I have to keep to a timetable but I approach work in the same way that I approach everything – with a positive attitude and an enquiring mind and I enjoy my work.

I take time to observe people and to listen to them.  My office of choice is anywhere where I am surrounded by activity be it a coffee shop, bar, shopping mall or market.  I love the buzz. I live life to the fullest.

I love to be surrounded by people – they are fascinating; but I am also happy with my own thoughts and I am content to be alone.

Live life to the fullest.


What does your life look like right now?

Maybe you are reading this and thinking ‘It’s all right for her.  She has the freedom to do what she wants. She doesn’t understand the problems that I’m dealing with in my own life right now’.

I can promise you that I have had my own special set of setbacks and problems.  I have had enough drama to fill several books so I do understand that it isn’t easy.  We are each of us unique and even when we have similar things happen to us, they’ll affect us in different ways due to our backgrounds and learnt behaviours, let alone the expectations that are placed on us by our cultures, societies and families.

But you can move on.

We all have dramas and setbacks and we need to take time to heal but don’t leave it too long.  Grab life by the balls, give it a good shake and jump right back in there.

My motto is ‘when life knocks you down, stand up and kick it straight back’.


Don’t be a victim


The danger comes when instead of healing and moving forward we remain in a state of a victim mentality and even worse, we may turn to bitterness and envy.  Life, even the dullest life can become safe and comfortable and moaning and negativity will become our companions if we let them in.

Some people, (and I am sure that you can think of one or two) love the attention that their negativity brings as they snipe at others with a sharp tongue or they take pleasure in undermining people. Perhaps this gives them the attention that they crave and makes them feel smug and better about themselves but be honest, do you like people like that?

Do you go out of your way to be in their company?  I am not talking here about supporting a friend who is going through a bad patch and bitching about their ex or when you need to vent your hurt and anger after something bad has happened to you, but I am talking about getting trapped in a downward spiral of negativity and vindictiveness.  It doesn’t have to be like that.  There can be a different way.


Be a shining star.


Surely it’s far better to be known as the person who selflessly helps others or who the one who is always smiling rather than moaning?

There is help out there so find a way to deal with the setbacks and any negativity and look to the future.  Be positive, smile at strangers and be the person that you would like others to be.  It really does work and you will invite smiles back, you’ll be an inspiration to others and people will genuinely seek you out for company.

Even the routine in your life can become exciting as you see the beauty in the normal and embrace the little things.  You will find your self confidence growing and your happiness levels will go up too.

If you want to know more about my philosophy on life or you would like to share your story you can comment below, go to my website for inspiration (Scarlet Jones Travels), follow me on facebook, join my Facebook Tribe or send an email to


Jane Clements Aka Scarlet Jones

Jane Clements Aka Scarlet Jones

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