Your Life CAN Sparkle

  • Are you living life to the fullest?  Are you REALLY living life?
  • If not, why not?  What’s stopping you from enjoying each and every day?
  • Do you leap out of bed every morning excited and ready to get on with your life?

I mentor people who are ready to put the sparkle back into their lives again.

  • Are you ready to feel valued?
  • Are you ready to love life?
  • Are you ready to  believe in yourself again?

I have written an introductory guide to how Mindfulness can help you to view your life differently – you can get my ebook ‘Becoming Stronger through Mindfulness’ which will give you many practical ways that you can change your viewpoint


So how do you begin?

  1. Identify what it is that you really enjoy; the things that make you feel good about yourself and which boost your self esteem.  These are the things that you talk about with passion and which you would love to devote more time to doing if only normal life would stop getting in the way. They are your secret dreams and ambitions; the hobbies and the pastimes which you yearn to engage with or which you have had to give up.  These are the things that make you sparkle.
  2.  Next, focus on one of these things and work it into your life.  It might seem like an impossible dream at the moment, but give it time and don’t give up.  Take baby steps and you can get there.
  3. Finally, you have to change your mind set.  Negativity is banished; replace it with positivity and see how things begin to happen differently around you.  Believe me it works.  I’m the proof of that.

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I did it and so can you!


My own passion now lies in mentoring people just like you who also want to put the fun back into their lives and to believe in themselves again.

I hope that my journey will encourage you to follow your dreams.  Perhaps you are content reading about the exotic and the unusual from the comfort of your own home but we all need to live with sparkle in our lives and I can also show you how to do this without leaving home – you need to start believing in yourself again.

Learn more


Go to my About Page where you can learn some more about the things that started me off on my amazing journey and read some of my blog articles which explain why I changed my life in such a radical way and how I achieved it.

Aside from my wonderful nomadic lifestyle I am most proud of the way that my mindset and my self belief has changed.  It is true.  You really do attract what you are.

I love to connect with people and I would love to ‘meet’ you too.  For a free 45 minute conversation to explore where YOU are at right now or if you want to ask me any questions about how I overcame my obstacles, drop me an email at or click on the link below.  You can also reach me via a message using the Contact form on this website or via my Facebook page.

Contact me here:

Contact me here:
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