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My vision is to tread this world with kindness and enthusiasm, mentoring and inspiring people just like you and encouraging you to live the life of your dreams and helping you to sparkle.
I sell self-development courses to women and to men who want to
  • value themselves,
  • love life,
  • and believe in themselves again
I do this via my website and blog – Scarlet Jones Travels – and I share and connect across other social media sites too.


What can I do for you?


Well that all depends on you and what you’re searching for.
Firstly, what I won’t do is try to sell you the idea that the best thing ever is for you to quit your job and to travel.
I am living my dream lifestyle but it’s MY dream lifestyle.  Yours will probably be very different.
If you’re looking for guidance on how to work out what the hell your dream lifestyle looks like, I can help you with that.
If you want to conquer your fear of trying something different and pushing your comfort zone, I can definitaly help you with that.
If you want to travel but none of your friends are free and you don’t fancy going solo I have plenty of ideas for you.  You just need to decide when and where and at what entry level you want to jump in at and off we go.
If you want any advice or information about emotional abuse, surviving a controlling and manipulating partner, dealing with a narcissist, the legal system (in the UK) as it applies to harassment and stalking, or coping with estrangement by somebody close to you, you are in the right place.
If you want to read positive news and learn about inspirational people who are doing their best to counter-act all the negative shit in this world, read on.


Anything else?


I have had personal experience of workplace bullying; my children have been estranged from me for more than 7 years; I had THE most traumatic (and expensive) divorce; I am qualified to teach English as a foreign language, I have been travelling (mostly) solo for nearly 4 years; I housesit; I do work exchanges – swapping my time and energy for food and accomodation; the best bits about my life are the people that I meet and the stories that they share with me; I am a qualified First Aider and I have succesfully perfomed the Heimlich manouver; I am learning Spanish and even dabbling with Catalan; I am a warrior; I ride a 650cc motor bike; I may be psychic; I come alive when I am travelling; I always try to get the top bunk in a dormitory; I am a Cub Scout Leader; I am a mum; I have been known to dance on a table or two; I abhor discrimination or prejudice; I firmly believe that education (especially of women) is key; I love mojitos; as I travel along my journey I become stronger; I am much more confident and I believe in myself… be continued!

Find out more


Click the following links to find out more…
Build your self esteem and live a life that sparkles. Learn to feel valued, live life and believe in yourself again. Find out how you CAN change your world with challenges and activities that will identify your passions and inject the fun back into your life.
Time, money or fear? The 3 most exhausting aspects of life that drag us down – make us anxious and knock our confidence. But what if I was to show you that it doesn’t have to be this way? What if I revealed my secrets on how to live a life that sparkles? Simply click and find out how to stop making excuses and start living the life of your dreams today!
Read my story about how I bounced back from living with emotional abuse. Find out how it slowly eroded my self confidence and undermined my self esteem, but also how I took back control of my life again.
If you want to travel but you aren’t ready to go solo or you don’t fancy a group tour, join me. Tell me what your interests are and we can design a tailor-made itinerary together, or come along with me and learn the ropes of backpacking. Suitable for all ages, but is ideal for anxious parents of would-be gap year students – come and see just how they will cope out there.
Join other like-minded people on your search for passion, power, strength and freedom in this private Facebook group. Inspirational stories, support and ideas ensure that you live your life to the fullest.
This is the home for everything that I do. Scarlet Jones Travels brings you stories and introduces you to other inspirational people. You can find out about my travels along the rocky road of life as well as around this planet. My passion is to inspire you and to encourage you to be enthusiastic and to really live the life of your dreams.


I would love to hear from you.


Tell me what makes you tick.  What are your fears and dreams?  What is your greatest achievement to date?

I certainly hope that you don’t have any regrets, but is anything else holding you back?

Don’t leave it until it is too late!!  I am opening up just ten spaces onthe Smash the Pumpkin Project for the forseeable future so don’t miss this chance to change your life.

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