• Do you want to change your life?
  • Do you want to step out of your comfort zone?
  • Have you been conditioned to believe that you are not capable of coping by yourself and that nobody will find you interesting?
  • Are you ready to take a leap of faith and to leave behind a life less ordinary?


Is modern life overwhelming you with its expectations and responsibilities?


  • Are bits of your life grey and dull and perhaps feel like they have lost their shine?
  • Have you been bullied, manipulated or controlled?
  • Have you adapted and changed your personality in order to cope with day to day life?

I am here to tell you that it IS possible to take back control of your life. I can offer you help and support because I have been through it too and I have come out the other side.  If you want to believe in yourself again I can show you how.

Don’t let another day pass you by.  You have nothing to lose by asking me how you can become empowered and stand up for yourself.


Drop me an email at info@scarletjonestravels.com or send a message via Facebook and I’ll tell you a little bit of my story and how I turned my life around.

I can also give you full details and explain how the Smash the Pumpkin Project works.  This 10 month course has empowered many people and encouraged them to make changes to their lives and it could do the same for you too.

The Smash the Pumpkin Project can support you on your personal journey as you make new friends and enjoy an exciting social life.  It will show you that you are capable of dealing with problems and teach you ways to take control of your life.  It will give you the strength and the courage to stand up for yourself again.

If you would like a taster and learn how you can become more confident why not sign up to the free short course ‘7 Days to a More Confident YOU!’, or, to trial the first month of the 10 month life empowerment course follow this link – 1 month trial of the Smash the Pumpkin Project.

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