Destination Fact Sheets

If you are planning to visit a specific region or country, then do check out the fact sheets .

a arch in Turkey

Click on the links to find fact sheets which contain information, ideas and itineraries. These will contain details of suggested places to visit and things to do when in a region; often for free, and they will hopefully whet your appetite and encourage you to get out there and explore a bit for yourself.

If I am in a country or a region and you would like me to investigate something on your behalf, do drop me a line via the ‘Contact Form’ on this site and if my travel plans allow I will get along and see what I can find out for you .

I am presently travelling in Ecuador.

Fact Sheets

Country                                      City                                   Fact Sheet

Colombia                                 Medellin                       Eléctric Escaleras

More fact sheets are currently in the pipeline and will be added to the site very shortly.

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