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Follow the adventures of Scarlet Jones.

Follow the adventures of Scarlet Jones.

Travelling the world, attempting to learn Spanish and volunteering in various different projects, Scarlet never simply travelled, but she took the time to interact with people and she did her best to discover what made them tick.

In this blog you can read about the unusual and the different, the funny and the sad.  Travelling solo for the most part, the blog documents a journey of personal discovery, adventure and the most fantastic experiences prior to that fateful time at the beginning of 2020 when the world became a much smaller place for most of us.

As things have evolved in Scarlet’s life and travel, for now, plays a lesser role but the lessons are still there.  Building self confidence, healing from pain and abuse and learning about one’s self – these things are still important and have played a key part in moving Scarlet Jones into her role as Jane Clements Life Coach.

I hope you enjoy these travel stories.

Spain itinerary: Asturias road trip

This in-depth article will tell you all that you need to know about exploring the Asturias region and the Picos de Europa mountains in northern Spain. It’s a narrative of the 17 day road trip that I took with my friend Debbie in the autumn of 2018. Debs...

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Hornbills in Malaysia

After arriving on Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island) off the west coast of Malaysia I found out that it was easy to see hornbills in Malaysia and I could even feed them.   Getting to Pangkor   I had chosen Pangkor Island because I wanted a beach and somewhere...

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My final days in Ecuador

This article was first published February 2015 and has been updated. The 'Day of the Dead' and Climbing a Volcano in Quito, Ecuador Arriving in Quito, Ecuador on ‘The Day of the Dead’  my friend Marcel and I managed to wangle our way into the crypt which is underneath...

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The best Muar food & the best Muar hostel

Muar food is the best! Have you been to Muar?   Have you even heard of a town called Muar and did you know that its in Malaysia?  And have you tasted the food in Muar? If you haven’t heard of this town which lies on the west coast of Malaysia about an hour south of...

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What to do in Brunei

I spent three nights in Brunei as I travelled across the north of Borneo island from one part of Malaysia to the other.  This article can be used as an itinerary for what to do in Brunei as well as giving you information on the best place to stay and why.  Personally...

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Travel in Laos: Vang Vieng, Vientiane & Pakse

Travel in Laos: Vang Vieng, Vientiane and Pakse You can truly appreciate the diversity and the beauty of Laos when you travel the length of it.  Travel in Laos is not easy but it is worth the effort. The climate, the people, the clothes, the food and the scenery all...

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Cheerful cheap and free Melaka attractions

I put together this list of the best cheap and free Melaka attractions for you during the ten weeks that I stayed in Melaka. I hope you will check some of them out when you visit. Cheerful cheap and free Melaka attractions. To get an understanding of the historical...

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