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I want to take you on a journey…….

Who is behind Scarlet Jones?

I am Jane Clements, a Freedom Mentor.  I want to show you how you can make changes to your life and become more confident and live a life that sparkles.

Scarlet Jones Travels documents the thoughts and events which took an ordinary mum in an ordinary career to a continent on the other side of the world, with an overstuffed backpack and just a few language lessons under her belt.

Following a series of life changing events, I decided to combine my love of writing with adventure and I took a leap of faith and I decided to follow my dreams.  I quit my job, I gave up my apartment and I booked a flight to a different continent.
At every turn I have met some amazing people and each morning when I wake I feel blessed that I found the courage to hurtle out of my comfort zone.

I set out from the UK with a yearning to keep moving but I also wanted to immerse myself in different cultures, meet local people at the grass root level of communities and to learn a second language. My travel style is generally relaxed, taking time to stop and volunteer with projects and where possible working in exchange for accommodation or food and getting a real feel for a region.

Many years on, I have no intention of settling back into a ‘normal’ routine, as I travel (mainly solo) and explore the world, I mentor others along the way who also want to out the sparkle back into their lives and who want to learnt to believe in themselves again.


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Hopefully my journey will encourage you to follow your dreams.  Perhaps you are content reading about the exotic and the unusual from the comfort of your own home but we all need to live with sparkle in our lives and I can also show you how to do this without leaving home – you need to start believing in yourself again.

I hope to entertain you. I began this journey not wanting to simply backpack but I wanted to spend some time working with various volunteering projects. I wanted to get to know different communities and cultures, learn a new language and I wanted to live a nomadic lifestyle. And so far so good! Follow my blog or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and learn how my journey is turning out a million times better than I could ever have hoped.

As well as writing as Scarlet Jones I work online as a freedom mentor – the aim of which is to prove that anybody can follow their dreams and add some sparkle to their life.  My on-line self-development course consists of a series of activities and challenges using the medium of travel or you can join me and be guided first hand as we explore a region together.  I write articles for a travel resource website  and I am attempting to improve my Spanish.

For my children: I have never stopped loving you and I miss you every single day. It never gets any easier, yet I have to trust that one day you will understand and you will believe in me.’



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