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I am Jane Clements and I am a Life Coach and a Freedom Mentor.  I want to show you how you can make changes to your life, become more confident and believe in yourself again.

My website Scarlet Jones Travels combines two of my passions which are travel and encouraging you to live your best life and to follow your dreams.

I travelled solo for seven years, only stopping when the world changed and we all went into lockdown.  At that point I was in Malaysia with plans to go on to Sri Lanka and then my idea was to head back to Taiwan, South Korea and end that part of my year in Japan. I chose to shelter in Spain ….where my personal life took a different turning and three years on, I am still here!

Whilst I have finally found myself putting down roots which was totally unexpected, I still advocate that travel, and especially solo travel is one of the best ways to find and to heal yourself from just about everything, so I have decided to revive this travel blog and I hope that it gives you the inspiration to make some changes in your life.

Scarlet Jones (aka Jane Clements) inspirational freedom mentor

We all need to live with some excitement and some sparkle in our lives but you don’t necessarily need to leave home and head out on an extended trip.   You could live vicariously through my stories or better, I can show you how to do this for yourself without selling up everything – but first you need to start believing in yourself again.

My own personal journey was born out of a need to heal some deep wounds.  I have had my fair share of dramas and I know what it is to experience abuse, bullying, loss and anxiety.

I can mentor you and I can show you how you too can learn to believe in yourself.  I know first-hand that stretching your boundaries and changing your mindset can be difficult, but I am here to support you on your journey.


Don’t quit your job!


    • I am not one of those gurus who will tell you to quit your job and live the nomadic life.
    • I understand that if your self-belief is at zero it can be a huge milestone to make new friends.
    • If you have ever been bullied or experienced an abusive or a toxic relationship it can be hard to trust again.
    • I know that anxiety or depression can make it hard to get out of bed, let alone get out of the house in the morning.
    • Your dream may be to own a cottage in the country, take a world cruise or trek in the jungle but first you have to deal with any negativity and self doubt.
    • When you travel you can learn how to deal with difficult times but the best thing is that you don’t have to quit your job and travel to get those lessons.

    The key to fulfilment lies in understanding yourself but you won’t be truly happy if you don’t value yourself or if you have difficulties with your self confidence.

    I have studied to become a Master Mindfulness Practitioner and I also incorporate CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) so that I can support even more people along their own personal journeys.  You can find out  how mindfulness could help you in my introductory ebook  ‘Becoming Stronger through Mindfulness’.

If you prefer the personal touch we can have some online coaching sessions which will change how you view yourself or you might like to work through a series of activities and challenges which will encourage you to question your life.

You can of course, simply enjoy my stories and follow my articles or, alternatively you can combine the two and be guided first hand on a retreat or a workshop.

Scarlet Jones (aka Jane Clements) inspiration from a tea plantation on Java

Caroline recently wrote to me.  She said ‘Thank you doesn’t really seem enough, but reading your blog/watching your videos was the catalyst for me to realise my 20 year relationship with my partner wasn’t healthy….I love seeing your pictures on FB and reading your travel exploits and I hope your children read them too so they can see what a strong and inspirational lady you are.’

That was me in 2013 when following a series of life changing events, I changed my life around.

I decided to combine my love of writing with adventure and I took a leap of faith and I set off to follow MY dreams.
I set out from the UK with a yearning to keep moving but I also wanted to make a difference.

My travel style was generally relaxed and quite slow.  I would take time to stop and to immerse myself in different cultures and I made a real effort to get to meet local people at grass root level, often volunteering.

Many years on, I have no intention of settling back into a ‘normal’ routine.  I live in a beautiful part of Spain and I coach and mentor others who also want to put the sparkle back into their lives and who want to learn to believe in themselves again.

In addition, I write articles for travel and lifestyle websites, I am immersing myself in local village life and I run a series of workshops and retreats.

For my children: I have never stopped loving you and I miss you every single day. It never gets any easier, yet I have to trust that one day you will understand and you will believe in me.’



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