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Follow the adventures of Scarlet Jones as she travels.

Travelling the world, attempting to learn Spanish and volunteering in various different projects, Scarlet doesn’t simply travel but she takes the time to interact with people and to discover what makes them tick.

In her blog you can read about the unusual and the different, the funny and the sad.  Travelling solo for the most part, the blog documents a journey of personal discovery, adventure and the most fantastic experiences.

Discover Porto, 9 highlights and top things to do

If you're looking for a European city to explore I can certainly recommend Porto for you. In this article I'll help you to discover Porto with my 9 highlights and top things to do.  Porto is romantic and brimming with history, it has amazing food and drink and the...

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Cordoba, Cuenca and Teruel: Road Trip Spain: The Final Leg

Reluctantly leaving the city of Cadiz behind, Debs and I began our journey north on the final leg of our road trip Spain.  Cordoba, Cuenca and Teruel were our final destinations and Cordoba was the place that I had been looking forward to the most. Save this post for...

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Hostel Tips and how NOT to behave in a hostel.

I am writing this article for the not-so-cool people who sometimes hang out in hostels. If you've arrived at this post from a note that was left on your bed you can bet your bottom dollar that you have committed at least 3 of the sins below and this is somebody’s way...

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Exploring Seville on our road trip

Seville – a large city with a cosy town feel Exploring Seville on our road trip around the south of Spain, Debs and I were getting more and more relaxed by the minute and this tranquillity continued in this city with a cosy town feel. We lost ourselves wandering...

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Cadiz and Jerez: Road trip south of Spain: Part 4

Our entrance into Cadiz was quite spectacular. We drove over the brand new bridge (just 14 months old) with a brilliant blue sky above and the sea sparkling a storybook Mediterranean blue below us. There was hardly any traffic on the road as we parked the car up and...

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Discover Granada and Ronda in Spain

There is so much more than the Alhambra and in this, the third in the series of our road trip around the south of Spain we set out to discover Granada. (click to catch up and read part 1 and part 2) Granada is like any other modern city in the world with all of the...

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Exploring the Sierra Nevada and Granada

Exploring the south of Spain on a Road Trip - Part 2 Leaving the small seaside town of San Jose behind we set off in Betty the Berlingo to continue exploring the south of Spain - our next stop was the Sierra Nevada and Granada. We were now in the National Park of Cabo...

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Road Trip around the south of Spain (Part 1)

I had been static for far too long since my return from S E Asia so when my friend suggested a road trip around the south of Spain I didn't hesitate - I was in! I decided not to research too much into any of the destinations on the road trip because I wanted to...

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Photo tour of Hanoi, Vietnam

Let me take you on a photo tour of Hanoi, Vietnam. I spent nearly 3 weeks in the city.  It is chaotic and polluted, noisy and huge but at the same time there are pockets of quiet and green, temples and lakes. People charge around like crazy demented ants and then they...

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