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Scarlet Jones began as a diary and a travel blog. It documented the thoughts and events which took an ordinary mum in an ordinary career to a continent on the other side of the world, with an overstuffed backpack and just a few language lessons under her belt.

Scarlet Jones Travels has evolved from that blog. It continues to follow the story of a solo female traveller but it now contains so much more. Accommodation reviews and destination guides have been organised into an easy to follow format, along with travel hints and tips and observations.

Scarlet Jones Travels encompasses both the physical travel; exploring places, seeing the sights and meeting people with one’s inner journey – travelling through life.

I hope to prove to you that you can set off and explore the world, your backyard and your own self no matter what age you are or what your background. The only limitations are those which you impose upon yourself. Often, it is only when life gets tough that we realise just how deep our reserves of strength are and we come out fighting back.


Who am I?

Scarlet Jones began life as my alter-ego; a pseudonym when it was necessary for me to remain anonymous. Find out more about my journey via my blog or go to my ‘About Page‘.

I set out from the UK with a yearning to keep moving but I also wanted to immerse myself in different cultures, meet local people at the grass root level of communities and to learn a second language. My travel style is generally relaxed, taking time to stop and volunteer with projects and where possible working in exchange for accommodation or food and getting a real feel for a region.

I mentor people who want to learn to value themselves again, love life and grow their self confidence.  You can do this from the comfort of your own home, whilst travelling with me or on a short break.

Do You Want to Know More?

Less of a guidebook and more one woman’s story of a journey from a dream to reality born out of a need to heal some deep wounds; in Scarlet Jones Travels you will find information on accommodation, destination guides, travel tips and so much more. I hope to entertain you and maybe even encourage you to get out there into the big wide world and explore. I can compile a specific travel itinerary for you based on the places that I have already visited and if you are nervous about setting off on your travels I can put your mind at rest. ’

Scarlet Jones Travels – The Blog

The blog can be accessed from here or from the menu bar – it contains useful hints and tips, information and resources for you and a wealth of inspirational material. Sign up and make sure that you never miss a post and continue to follow Scarlet’s adventures

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Transparency statement: Sometimes I am lucky enough to receive free accommodation or a discounted travel experience, but I will always make it quite clear when I do so. I can promise you that I will never agree to write a positive report in exchange for an incentive. All opinions are my own and are unbiased.

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